Dave: „All of it is based on faith and trust, that they’re fine without me. […]We have this trust that, No matter what I say to you, you’re going to be fine. You’re really good. And there’s no way I can hurt you. You’re that good. And that allows for us to give each other the best.“

TJ: „We together have trust in the evening, that if we just stay out of its way, it will be just fine. […] It’s as though it’s going on before we even get there. We just kind of jump into it for an hour and then get out of it.“

Dave: „Both of our mind set is: Oh what is this, that’s already happening? […] We might find out what time of day it is and we might find out what the event is. what the event is Slowly we find out what has been happening all along.“

TJ: „Everything that corrupts it comes from fear. Fear is the root. It brings that ego to the forefront of How am I doing? How is it going?“

Dave: „If we force our ideas into it, then the rest of the time is spent justifying that, which is not exploring anymore. It’s just justifying. Why we try to relax is to walk out kind of empty to be available to whatever might be there, rather than ‘my great ideas’.“

TJ: „We believe that there’s the show is already going on. It is already in process. And we pickt it up at a moment, somewhere within this progression but that the show itself started a long time ago. We didn’t know it. And we don’t know which show we’re about to join already in progress. So we get to live it or physically represent it for 50-some-odd minutes. And then we leave it but it keeps on going. The people that were represented for that amount of time go on to have marriages and divorces and children and buy property and maybe die a natural death a long time in the future or die in some horrible accident soon after we see them. And there’s just millions and millions and billions of its all going on. And we end up, hopefully, getting lucky enough to be in a good one that’s chosen for us by this moment that happens at the beginning.“

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“Trust Us! This is all made up” (TJ & Dave)
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