“The limitations in improvisation are the improvisers, not the audience. The work that we choose to do or we choose to focus on, that holds us back. Every-one talks about wanting to do long-form, storytelling and all that stuff, but some of the groups don’t. Or they’re so tied into the games. To me there are so many groups, they are not necessarily improvisers, they’re game players. They play games by rules, and without the games they can’t create anything. We need more people to love the art of improv for the art of improv and not as a process to get to something else.”
“The groups need to go deeper in the group work. I think in theatersports we have something that I call personality improv. You are like Oh, that’s the funny guy! And that’s why that person is doing improv. It’s because they get the adulation /admiration of the audience, rather than thinking of what’s the group dynamic, where’s the group going. And I think that in the group work we’re getting deeper and deeper. It’s not really short or long form, it’s an attitude.”
“My development in terms of thinking about this is, I start each project by thinking, what do I want the audience to experience.”
“Our style is pretty low key, pretty mellow. (…) We’re going to start slow, and take our time, and it seems to be successful for us in terms of training that audience.”
“My main philosophy in improvisation is variety.”
“One thing about the audience in our shows: We try to make them storytellers as well.”
“We don’t need to recreate the story of an audience member. We’re translating it into the language of theater.”
“I’m not in improvisation so much for what we do, although that’s great, but I still see so many possibilities in terms of what we can do or could be doing or should be doing. And so I’ve never really had a moment of like ‘Oh, well, this is it.'”
(Alle Zitate von Randy Dixon auf der Podiumsdiskussion des Internationalen Improtheater-Festivals am 20.3.2011 in Berlin)

Randy Dixon on audiences, attitudes and variety
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