“The lesson is to focus. And it’s found within the rule of the game. So the idea is that the lesson is learned organically without a teacher having to explain what it is. (Aretha Sills)
“She never ever mentioned >how to< anything. You were never wrong. And you were never right. You just either did it or you didn’t do it.” (Richard Schaal)
“Every game of her is designed to put you into that unknown area. Go where you don’t know what’s going to happen next. And that’s where the surprise for you as an actor is going to come. And that’s where the growth of an artist is going to come from. And that’s why the audience comes. (Gary Schwartz)
“She said: ‘Don’t thank me. It’s not me. It’s the work. Don’t make me your guru.'” (Gary Schwartz)
“She said: ‘Creativity is not the clever re-arranging of the known.’ And a lot of improv has become the re-arranging of known common material.” (Gary Schwartz)

Lessons from Viola Spolin
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