We don’t rehearse regularly but we do rehearse frequently. And it’s always, just as a reminder “what is our mission statement again? What is it we’re trying to do?” Because part of it is, it has to change for a person.
The idea of constantly changing and evaluating where one is. I think that’s really helpful. To become comfortable is kind of a symptom of needing change. You do this thing and you become comfortable at doing this thing that used to be uncomfortable and now that I’ve reached that I have to realize that and do something else. I think that’s what they’re talking about when they mention the notion of ‘follow the fear.’ You know, push it a little further. And you know just as a reminder this is about failing. This is about the distinct possibility of failure and to not be afraid of failing.
(Q: What do you consider a mistake?) Dave: Something that was missed. A piece of information that went past. I think that’s all it is, really paying attention to all the information that we have.
Kind of our game is to communicate things with as little information as possible. Because that’s I think where it becomes magical.
The main skill in improvisation is paying attention and I think that’s really useful everywhere.
When you see people acting that’s a terrible thing. (…) Instead of acting why don’t you just say these fucking words.

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Weisheiten aus einem Interview mit Dave Pasquesi
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